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Rewylding the Feminine:
A reclamation of our feminine divine nature through the Soma.

Arriving at the end of April of 2020, over a month into the shelter in place orders for COVID-19, I was freed up to do a project from my hearts work. I wasn't able to teach my women's retreat exploring the rewilding of the divine feminine through movement therapy, body awareness, art and the reclamation of our divine nature as women in our lives. I was hoping that we would be able to practice reclaiming aspects of ourselves we have lost due to living in a patriarchal society, shedding aspects that no longer serve us and embracing a new skin. Thus, I found myself reaching out to my women friends in the healing arts to interview them and their story.

The dialogues can be found on my YouTube channel.. Here is the first interview with my dear friend and colleague Madrona Bourdeau. You can find the other interviews on YouTube.

Dr. Kirstie began her studies in integrative living the arts and spiritual practice for her masters degree in whole systems design in 1995. She has worked extensively with traditional healing arts, healing Soma, and livingwith a spiritual orientation with nature and the divine.

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