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Myofascial Yoga™ is an alignment based yoga that follows the myofascial meridians as influenced by Thomas Meyers and his development of the Anatomy Trains™.


This body of work was developed by Dr. Kirstie with their 26 years of experience as a practitioner, teacher and bodyworker.


Kirstie considers themself a functional and structural yoga therapist. They teach regular classes at the University of New Mexico-Taos.

Kirstie teaches continuing education courses and UNM-Taos 200 Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Program. The core curriculum of the UNM-Taos program includes Yoga Therapy and Myofascial Yoga™. Offering a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as how to change fascial patterns in the body.


The goal of Myofascial Yoga: A Movement and Yoga Therapists Guide to Asana is to show how teaching asana should include fascia, connective tissue, as an integrative and necessary step to bring yoga asana fully into movement therapies in the West. This approach integrates Eastern and Western techniques and is truly a unique opportunity to explore ourselves from a somatic level of awareness while moving through and changing patterns that keep us from living more freely in joy and health.


Tom Myers, Author writes "In the book you hold, Kirstie Segarra has laid out clearly, concisely, and usefully how the asanas relate to the Anatomy Trains, and how to take up and teach (whether teaching yourself or others) the anatomy of asana in a way that makes sense to the body and to the person. Enjoy the ride.


Intuition and scientific knowledge are not opposed, they are simply two different ways of knowing. This book allows you to blend both ways of knowing in mutual service to each other to develop your inner and your outer knowledge of yoga in your own living body."


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