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New Mexico Structural Integrators

This page is a referral list to other SI practitioners around the state.


Chris Wilson, Rolfer

Valerie Berg, Rolfer

Graciela Lopez, SI UNM-Taos

Iusti Remer-Thamert, SI UNM-Taos

El Rito (North of Questa)

Kathryn Terry, Rolfer

El Rito (Ojo Caliente)

Robert Reynolds, SI UNM-Taos

Red River and Questa

Joy Reese, SI UNM-Taos

Santa Fe (not a complete list)

Jill Gerber, Rolfer

Peter Ehlers, KMI

Kiki Vance, KMI

Bob Schrei, Rolfer

Reagan Nelson, Rolfer

Brian Terry, ATSI and SI UNM-Taos

Brandon DeWane, Rolfer

Kristin Adlard, SI UNM-Taos

Anna Louise Lipkin , SI UNM-Taos

Kyle Taylor, SI UNM-Taos

Melanie Stillion, Rolfer

Bella Cohen, Rolfer


Ariana Madappa, SI UNM-Taos

Devin Powell , SI

Antonio Quintana , SI UNM-Taos

Michael Leberknight,  SI UNM-Taos (Michael is traveling now and not in Taos).

Tres Orejas

Jane Glenn, SI UNM-Taos

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