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New Mexico Structural Integrators

This page is a referral list to other SI practitioners around the state. Those who trained with me are listed under SI UNM-Taos.  The listing is by region only and not in any order of preference. Additionally, Board Certified Structural Integrators have BCSI after their name and are listed at the top of the locations.


Crystal Oostema, Rolf Method balancedpractice@gmail.coms


Chris Wilson, Rolfer

Valerie Berg, Rolfer

Graciela Lopez (they/them), SI UNM-Taos

Iusti Remer-Thamert (they/them), SI UNM-Taos

Francesca Ascenzi, SI UNM-Taos

El Rito (North of Questa)

Kathryn Terry, Rolfer

El Rito (Ojo Caliente)

Robert Reynolds, SI UNM-Taos

Red River and Questa

Joy Reese, SI UNM-Taos

Santa Fe (not a complete list)

The following are faculty at UNM-Taos SI Program and Practitioners:

Jill Gerber, BCSI, Rolfer

Peter Ehlers, ATSI

Matt Walker, BCSI Rolfer

Brandon DeWane, Rolfer

Amy Spurlock, Rolfer

Practitioners is Santa Fe:

Addie Cleveland (they/them), BCSI, SI UNM-Taos

Kiki Vance, ATSI

Bob Schrei, Rolfer

Reagan Nelson, Rolfer

Brian Terry, ATSI and SI UNM-Taos

Kristin Adlard, SI UNM-Taos

Anna Louise Lipkin , SI UNM-Taos

Kyle Taylor, SI UNM-Taos

Melanie Stillion, Rolfer

Bella Cohen, Rolfer

Eric Gent, SI UNM-Taos

Elenya Grafals, SI UNM-Taos

Mark Hess, SI UNM-Taos

Kathy Knowlton, SI UNM-Taos

Molly O'Brien, SI UNM-Taos

Thomas Schooley, SI UNM-Taos


The following are faculty at UNM-Taos SI Program and Practioners:

UNMKirstie Bender Segarra, PhD, BCSI  (they/them), SI UNM-Taos

Practitioners in Taos area:

Kristin Brudevold, BCSI, SI UNM-Taos

Suki Dalury, BCSI,  SI UNM-Taos

Ariana Madappa, SI UNM-Taos

Devin Powell , SI UNM-Taos

Antonio Quintana , SI UNM-Taos

Michael Leberknight,  SI UNM-Taos (Michael is traveling now and not in Taos).

Jennifer Litz, SI UNM-Taos

Alexander Rentz, SI UNM-Taos

Chelsea Travers, SI UNM-Taos

Tres Orejas

Jane Glenn, SI UNM-Taos

El Valle and Trampas, (Outcalls to Taos and Santa Fe)

James "Hal" Dyer, SI UNM-Taos

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