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Remember Who You Are? Exploring Safety, Resiliency and Inclusion in Structural Integration.

Link to Webinar offered through IASI on July 20 at noon mountain time. Course will be recorded for future viewing and is being offered for free.

Link to recorded webinar on July 20, 2023:

Description of Webinar

Brief Program Summary:

An invitation to heal intergenerational and racial trauma through a somatic journey of discovering who we are as people of a culture that built its ideals and wealth on black and brown bodies with enslaved ancestry.​ This course is intended as a resource for inviting each of us to do our work to understand the impacts of racism, slavery, sexism and non-inclusivity within our culture and how we may do our own work to become more humane in how we practice.​You will be guided through somatic exercises to explore your own relations then have an opportunity to share in small groups. We must know ourselves, our ancestry story and feel how this impacts our body in the present to come into wholeness in our profession of Structural Integration.This is not a comprehensive resource, just a beginning on a life long journey to heal and create better practices in our field of relations.​


What you will learn:

Learning about our history and remembering who we are today and how our history of slavery has set the foundation of capitalism and what it means to be American. A slide show will be provided that offers a self-guided opportunity for the participants.

How to build more resilience and safety in one's own Soma with regards to inclusion.

How to build more resilience and safety for client's in one's practice of Structural Integration.

How to build more resilience and safety for student's in one's teaching of Structural Integration.

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