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Advanced Structural Integration Training in Taos, New Mexico

Announcing an Advanced Structural Integration Training for 2024

UNM-Taos Structural Integration Program


Dr. Kirstie Segarra has been working on developing our advanced training program for graduates of SI Programs. They will be submitting approval with IASI in late November and the program should be approved by the end of the year for 2024.


The advance training will consist of three courses Advanced Neurovascular, Dissection Lab and a Movement/Embodiment course. Students must complete all three courses to receive Advanced SI Certificate of Completion.


Course Descriptions and Faculty


Advanced Neurovascular

Peter Ehlers and Kirstie Segarra will coteach a 4 day (30 contact hours/2 credits) course focusing on the neurovascular component of treatment building from the feet through the diaphragms of the body at UNM-Taos May 3-6, 2024. Specific guidance will be given in treating cutaneous nerves, deep nerves, arteries and how to identify and distinguish between the various layers of treatment. Furthermore, an eye of perception on seeing your client post 10 series and what still may need to be integrated in their system. Cost is 2 credits and one registers via UNM-Taos, opens up in November 6, 2023. Course Code is HCHS CRN#61953  293 800

Dissection Lab

Kirstie Segarra with the assistance of Jane Glenn will lead a Dissection Lab at the Anatomical Research Institute in Colorado Springs for three 8 hour days (24 contact hours) on June 14-16, 2024. Two teachers (cadavers) will be available—one unfixed and one prosected/fixed. This allows us to learn layered palpations skills and how to identify anatomical structures from the teachers. Day one: The full teacher will be explored through each relational layer from skin, skin ligaments and nerves, superficial fascia, perifascial and deep fascial profundae. The second prosected teacher will show us a deeper cut of the visceral, spinal cord and brain. Day two: We will continue diving deeper into both teachers focusing on projects such as understanding the deep six rotators, neural innervation of the lumbar are stabilization of the shoulder girdle. Day three: We will continue our projects and complete the dissection. Cost is $900 (see attached flyer for details to sign up) and deposit of $450 due in November of 2024. As of October 30, 2023 I am taking a wait list for interested students as the class is full for June of 2024.

Dissection lab is Full as of October 20, 2024. I am currently taking names for wait list and those interested in an offering for another date.



Suzanne Picard, Rolf Movement Teacher and Kirstie Segarra will coteach 4 day (30 contact hours/2 credits) course focusing on “Living in health, cultivating the parasympathetic and rest.” July 12-15, 2024 at UNM-Taos.  We will be exploring how one perceives and supports health in one’s system and in one’s clients. How to cultivate and support down regulation of the nervous system in order support parasympathetic tone and rest. We will look at how one may support alternative perceptions in the field. Cost is 2 credits and one registers via UNM-Taos and registration will open up on April 8, 2024 CRN# 31300 HCHS 193 Structural Integrate Adv. II, section 800.

Cost and Enrollment  for UNM Students

Students need to me a non-degree seeking students at UNM-Taos. To apply follwo the link

Cost Per Credit Hour at UNM-Taos

Resident of New Mexico $81.00

Non-Resident (Out of State) $206.00

Plus a $25 Lab Fee Charge per class

Questions may be directed to

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