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Welcoming in 2023 and Small Changes to My Practice

The Indigenous people to whom the land belongs Jicarilla Apache and Comanche, across from the land of the indigenous people to whom the land belongs Tewa Red Willow People.

The view as I returned home yesterday (December 31, 2022) from my mountain bike ride on the Rift Valley Overlook trail a mile from my home here in Taos--I am truly blessed to live and cultivate a life here and continually humbled to be able to live in such a deeply connected life.

In reflection of the last year, I was able to expand my understanding of safety and what it means to life from an indigenous way of knowing in my blog piece on embodiment-- I continue to teach Structural Integration in the program I created at the University of New Mexico-Taos where I share my perspectives on embodiment and hands on bodywork under the lineage of Dr. Ida Rolf.

I created a small ceremonial space on my land in 2022 under my ordained minister, which I have been wanting to do for years since I trained and practiced in traditional healing arts since my early twenties. It is a blessing to have this integrated in to our creative life spaces. As such, I have created more separation for my Soma Medicine practice and created a outhouse for clients to use moving forward, instead of entering my home. Parking is next to the current practice or if that spot is filled you can park in my driveway and please keep the entry clear to the driveway for others to pull in and out.

Outhouse is in small sage green building on left and parking in between the two buildings.

I may be obsessed with Emma J Shipley's designs and spent my quiet time creating with my hands, upholstering chairs and making pillows this holiday season. I am loving surrounding myself with mystical cats of all kinds. I had a dream a few years ago where I was a leopard perched on top of a second story porch rail with two kittens, in the dream my mother and aunts were all inside the apartment. It was a vivid dream that I knew how different me and my daughter's are.

In 2022 I donated $3,490 dollars in services to our community and look forward to continue this tradition. My practice will be closed the month of May so I can travel and teach. I am looking forward to going to Japan, a trip I had planned in May of 2020, for a bike tour of the Gunma, Prefacture, which was delayed due to the pandemic. I will continue my studies with Carol and Hiro in the Art of Yield in October in Aptos, California. I will be a teacher assistant for my long time teacher and colleague Ron Murray, DOMP Canada, LMT, CAR, LBP in February in Santa Fe for Ribs, Thorax and Embryological Midline.

Other projects are brewing and coming into clarity as I step into Dreaming Your Year Awake with Manda Scott author of Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle (

I am still encouraging clients to book online at and you can book out to 3 months from today. I currently have a wait list for new clients in order to serve current clients.

Grandma's (Dr. Ida Rolf) thoughts at the RISI's Annual Meeting 1976 For several years now I have been preaching the need of Rolfers accepting responsibility to do some work 'pro bona publico' as our lawyer friends say for the public good. I would like to see this idea attain to some manifestation during the next year. I would like to see Rolfers devote some time in the week, some energy to raising the standard not merely of public health, but of public psychological health through working with underprivileged and deprived human beings, and through developing techniques for reaching such individuals in detention institutions and underprivileged districts. It seems to me that the world, has been very good to Rolfers. It is incredible the fashion in which we have been accepted. And we're growing up and hopefully are willing to start paying our debts to the communities who have supported us so.

Kirstie & Ross sending you Blessings in the New Year

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